Tyson Fury's Bold Offer: 60/40 Split to Anthony Joshua for Epic Wembley Showdown in September

Tyson Fury's Bold Offer: 60/40 Split to Anthony Joshua for Epic Wembley Showdown in September

Tyson Fury's camp has recently submitted a formal offer of a 60/40 split to Anthony Joshua, proposing a highly anticipated bout at Wembley Stadium in September.

Previously, both fighters had reached an agreement to contest for the Gypsy King's WBC heavyweight world title in December of the previous year. Unfortunately, the deal collapsed due to insufficient time to finalize the contract stages.

Fury is the WBC heavyweight world champion

In a renewed effort to make the long-awaited fight happen, Tyson Fury has put forth an offer to Anthony Joshua, presenting the exact terms that were previously agreed upon in 2022.

These terms entail a 60/40 split in Fury's favor for the initial bout, along with a rematch clause that would result in a 50/50 split if Joshua were to emerge victorious in the first encounter.

Currently, Joshua's team has indicated that their plan is for him to make a comeback in August, followed by a fight against Deontay Wilder in Saudi Arabia scheduled for December.

However, Eddie Hearn, Joshua's promoter, mentioned that if these plans fail to materialize, they will explore Fury's latest offer as an alternative option.

Asked about reports of fresh talks, George Warren, son of Frank Warren (Fury's UK co-promoter) told Dev Sahni for the Queensberry Promotions YouTube channel: "It's true.

"Long story short, I spoke with Tyson on Monday..

"The question was put to us, 'What are the biggest fights possible that we could make?'

"AJ's name came up in that conversation and the instruction was quite clear, 'Go and try and make that fight.'

"The following morning I put an email over to Eddie Hearn, made a formal offer. Same terms as for [last] December. Exactly the same deal.

"We're ready to go. Tyson wants it to happen, so do we, and I hope they do too…

"It's exactly the same deal, exactly the same terms. We've got enough time hopefully this time to get it done if they want to do it.

"But they made it clear they're exploring other opportunities for Joshua and we've gotta still explore other opportunities for Tyson.

"But the priority is to see if we can make it. If they want to make it, it's there to be done."

On Friday night, Fury claimed he'd sent a draft contract over to Joshua, but this is not the case.

Warren explained: "Tyson's a boxer, he's not a lawyer, he's not a promoter.

"I think that might be him maybe slightly misunderstanding how the approach has got to go down to make big fights.

"You start with a formal offer, which we've done. The other party accept that formal offer, which I'm hoping they will, if that happens then we go back to the contract.

"The contract was very, very close [in December]. A couple of small tweaky things that needed to be sorted out.

"In my opinion we could get together next week, sit down and get it done."

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