UFC Fighter Nikolas Motta Suffers Gruesome Head Cut Exposing Facial Tendon, Forcing Withdrawal from UFC 287

UFC Fighter Nikolas Motta Suffers Gruesome Head Cut Exposing Facial Tendon, Forcing Withdrawal from UFC 287

Warning: Graphic Content

UFC fighter Nikolas Motta was forced to withdraw from UFC 287 after suffering a gruesome head cut that exposed his facial tendon. The injury occurred during training and left Motta unable to compete.

UFC fighter Nikolas Motta has been forced to withdraw from the highly anticipated UFC 287 event due to a severe cut to his head. Motta, who is 30 years old, shared images of the injury before and after it was treated with stitches, cautioning viewers that the pictures are not suitable for those who are easily queasy.

The image shared by Nikolas Motta on Instagram revealed the severity of the injury he sustained, with the cut on his head being so deep that it exposed part of his facial tendon. As a result, Motta was forced to withdraw from his scheduled fight against Ignacio Bahamondes at UFC 287.

Although Motta plans to return to the octagon in three weeks, the extent of his injury suggests that he will likely be sidelined for a significant period of time.

"Don’t swipe left if you have a weak stomach", he wrote on Instagram. 

"I had this accident couple days by a headbutt in wrestling practice and my coaches and people that I trust made the decision to ask to pull back my fight for three weeks to have enough time to heal this or it would easily open in the fight and they would stop the fight by doctor stoppage."

"I had a lot of stitches all my career but never had one deep like that, this white part on my cut in the second picture is my tendon, it got very swollen and inflamed.

"So even if felt unbelievable that something like that happened right before my fight, after thinking a lot I could see that was the right choice from my coach that I trust.

"I been focused and always in shape since after my fight in September last year and didn’t go home for the first time to see my family at the end of the year to stay ready to fight in December or the beginning of the year and I have been focused since then.

"So I just need couple weeks to heal that 100 percent trust the process and finally be back."

It remains unclear whether Ignacio Bahamondes will face a late replacement or be removed from the UFC 287 card after Nikolas Motta's withdrawal.

Motta, who boasts a professional record of 13 wins and four losses, has only suffered one defeat since 2018. He currently holds a 1-1 record in the UFC after losing his debut to Jim Miller but bouncing back with a win over Cameron VanCamp in September.

The co-main event for Pereira vs Adesanya 2 in Miami will feature a highly-anticipated showdown between Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal.

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