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UFC's Aoriqileng Hospitalized with Testicle Injury After Suffering Multiple Low Blows

UFC fighter Qileng Aoriqileng had a tough time during his match with Daniel Marcos in Las Vegas on Saturday.

He ended up in the hospital after unintentionally receiving several low blows, and the fight was declared a no-contest.

During the Saturday night fight, there were four illegal moves, including three low blows and an eye poke. Referee Jason Herzog had to stop the bout because of these fouls.



Aoriqileng attempted to continue after the groin hit from Marcos, but despite taking the full five count, he couldn't carry on. Consequently, the fight was officially stopped and declared a no-contest at 3:28 in the second round, leaving both fighters upset.

MMAMania.com reported that Aoriqileng went to the hospital for a testicular ultrasound and a precautionary CT scan on his head.

His manager, Wang Le, said: “He is ok. The structure of his testicles is ok, but the tubes around his testicles are swollen.”


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