Watch Conor McGregor's Forceful Two-Hand Shove on Michael Chandler During 'TUF 31'

Watch Conor McGregor's Forceful Two-Hand Shove on Michael Chandler During 'TUF 31'

In a highly-anticipated episode of "TUF 31," viewers were finally treated to the physical altercation between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler, two prominent stars in the UFC.

Despite teaser clips that had been released in promotional packages leading up to the episode, fans eagerly watched to see the actual events unfold between the two fighters.

Following the sixth bout of the reality series, where McGregor's teammate Lee Hammond secured a come-from-behind victory by submitting Chandler's teammate Kurt Holobaugh, McGregor expressed his discontent by forcefully shoving Chandler with both hands.

Chandler had been making verbal jabs that seemed to hit a nerve with McGregor, specifically criticizing McGregor's limited presence during the show's filming.

In response, McGregor continued to engage in verbal exchanges with Chandler, directing demeaning insults towards Bellator, the organization that Chandler was associated with before joining the UFC in January 2021.

As tensions escalated, McGregor delivered a powerful shove to Chandler's face, causing him to stagger backward. Chandler responded with a mix of excitement and laughter, while McGregor removed his suit jacket.



UFC president Dana White swiftly intervened, entering the cage and ensuring the fighters were separated.

Both fighters headed back to the locker rooms. During exit, Chandler walked by Team McGregor and told them, “I would’ve been there for you.”

“You’re all bums,” McGregor screamed at Team Chandler fighters Cody Gibson and Roosevelt Roberts as he walked away.

McGregor, his coaching staff, and the team of bantamweight and lightweight prospects are experiencing growing frustration as they struggle to secure victories against Chandler and his team of seasoned UFC fighters.

With Episode 7 of the 12-part series set to air next Tuesday on ESPN, fans can anticipate the second-to-last quarterfinal bout. MMA Junkie has revealed that the live finale fights will be featured in UFC 292, scheduled for August 19 at TD Garden in Boston.

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