YouTuber KSI Gets Shoved by Joe Fournier in Intense Face-Off Before Admitting His Next Opponent is a 'Better Boxer'

YouTuber KSI Gets Shoved by Joe Fournier in Intense Face-Off Before Admitting His Next Opponent is a 'Better Boxer'

KSI and Joe Fournier's upcoming fight took a heated turn during their press conference on Wednesday, with the two almost engaging in a physical altercation during the face-off.

The highly-anticipated match will see the British social media sensation face off against the undefeated professional boxer Fournier, with the event set to take place at London's Wembley Arena on May 13th.

During the press conference, Fournier and KSI had a face-to-face encounter where Fournier tried to display his strength by shoving KSI backwards. However, KSI appeared unbothered by the incident and laughed it off.



The British YouTuber acknowledged that this fight would be his toughest test yet, recognizing that Fournier's experience in the ring surpasses his own.

KSI admitted, "I know he’s going to have the experience, he’s just been doing it longer than me, it’s as simple as that."

“He’s probably the better boxer as well, but I have a lot of freakish traits that really make me stand out.

“For me, it’s my explosiveness, it’s my power, I’m a very fast and explosive guy.

“When I hit people they stay hit and they feel it, especially in ten ounce gloves. I’m a problem.”

KSI continued: “I truly do believe in myself, I have this dog in me that really doesn’t want to lose.

KSI is unbeaten in the ring so far since taking up boxing, although only one of his six bouts have been professional

“Even if I’m on the back foot and even if I’m getting pieced up, I will find something within me to keep going.

“I will go down on my shield… I don’t care about getting knocked out, I want to make sure I win no matter what.”

After KSI's match against Joe Fournier, his next opponent is uncertain.

While KSI has previously stated his desire to fight and defeat Jake Paul, there is speculation that he may instead face Tommy Fury, who beat Paul earlier this year. Tommy's father, John, recently stated that they are still considering their options for Tommy's next opponent.



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