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Reverse Punch

  • Reverse Punch is our new contact competition, punches to the body only. Whoever can stand the test wins, whoever taps out loses. Winner's will be awaded cash money prizes, medals, or merch. As part of Reverse Punch, accepted participants will receive a custom coupon code. With your coupon code you'll receive 10% discount and or commission off of every item sold. Clothes, magazines, tickets, etc.

  • I, the undersigned, in consideration for my voluntary participation in Reverse Punch, do hereby willfully acknowledge that my signature below attests to my understanding and agreement that: My competitor status will be kept in good standing. I will not compromise myself in such a way as to do harm myself or the Reverse Punch League. Reverse Punch is a physical, contact, competition that involves the risk of injury. I assume all risks and hazards associated with my participation in the sport. I am in proper physical condition to participate in Reverse Punch and have no illness, disease or existing injury or physical defect that would be aggravated by my participation. . I further acknowledge that this risk may involve loss or damage to me, including the risk of death, or other unforeseen consequences, including those which may be due to the unavailability of immediate emergency medical care.

    I authorize my photograph, picture or likeness, and voice to appear in any documentary,promotion (including advertising), television, video, or radio coverage of the team or tournament, without compensation.I authorize that an unaltered copy of this form may be generated and given to the officers or directors of other leagues or tournaments in order to allow my participation in Reverse Punch, if the form is required and I have requested to participate. I hereby release, waive liability, discharge, hold harmless, indemnify, and covenant not to suethe team and tournament, their coaches, trainers and volunteers from any and all liability incurred in the conduct of, and my participation. I have completely read this document and fully understand its contents. I acknowledge that I have given up substantial rights by accepting this document and that I do so voluntarily.

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