Artem Lobov Leaks Conor McGregor's Texts Amid Legal Battle - Watch Video

Artem Lobov Leaks Conor McGregor's Texts Amid Legal Battle - Watch Video

Artem Lobov has released messages purportedly exchanged between him and Conor McGregor as the two are involved in a legal dispute.

Lobov alleges that McGregor owes him money following the sale of McGregor's 'Proper 12' whiskey brand. Lobov claims to be a co-founder, having convinced McGregor to create a whiskey brand instead of vodka. According to Lobov, they verbally agreed that he would receive five percent from any sale. McGregor sold his share for $130 million. While McGregor offered Lobov $1 million for his efforts, Lobov declined. McGregor has asserted that the offer was for a different brand that never materialized. Now, Lobov has shared messages suggesting he was promised a share from the sale.




“This fight and this whiskey deal, I am going to look after you!” Conor McGregor allegedly wrote Artem Lobov in a text message exchange, released by the latter to their Instagram page earlier this week. “You are always there for me brother and I appreciate all of your work”

Artem Lobov responded, “Thank you so much Conor, I won’t take anything for the camp as it’s great for me and my skill also and I am delighted to be there, so please don’t send me money for it, please! The whiskey is going to be huge!!! Audie told me that you are giving me a percentage, thank you very much for that, it’s going to be a massive success!”

The Irishman replied, “Don’t worry bout it my brother!”

Artem Lobov's text messages haven't been proven to be real at this time. However, it's likely they will be discussed in his ongoing case with Conor McGregor. Additionally, the former UFC dual-weight champion has not responded to the reported leaked texts.

What are your thoughts on this news? Do you believe the leaked texts from Conor McGregor to Artem Lobov are real? Who do you think will win the legal battle?


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