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Help your child build self-confidence & Discipline

Our High Level martial arts classes will improve your child's mental strength, confidence, physical fitness, and more. Not only will your child have access to Martial Arts, they will also have access to kids boxing as well.

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  • Barbara Burgos

    In the world we live in self defense is needed, especially for our kids. DAOS Martial Arts Instructors are the best! They are excellent instructors. They care about you learning and teach with patience. They are the best instructors for children!!

  • Melanie Nieves

    My daughter loves DAOS and so do I. My little one has learned so much after just starting over a month ago. I would recommend this business to any parent on the prowl for a good martial arts/boxing class. Self defense is important for our children. Go DAOS!

  • Ulisa Rios

    This place has changed my son's life!!!! My son was quiet and shy the sweetest boy you could ever meet BUT with that came the BULLYING he was constantly getting picked on and bullied in school, it was a complete nightmare! So I put my baby in karate... and the difference in just a few months is amazing!! The confidence he's developed since going to DAOS Martial Arts is truly a blessing. As a mom I have a million and one things to worry about but my baby being able to protect his self when it's necessary isn't one anymore.

boxing for adults & kids

intense boxing classes that incorporates padwork, defensive drills, and footwork. available for both kids and adults.

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