Colby Covington Gets Heat: Trolled by Jorge Masvidal Fan at Miami Heat NBA Game

Colby Covington encountered a fan of Jorge Masvidal at a Miami Heat NBA game.

While walking through the stands, a UFC fan approached him, claiming Miami belongs to Masvidal. The fan tried to provoke Covington, engaging in some verbal sparring with members of Covington's group.

Below is footage of the fan interaction with Colby Covington inside the Kaseya Center:



"Hey, this is Jorge's city, brother," the fan said. "This is Jorge's city, 305 Masvidal, Colby goodbye."

Covington turned around and exchanged words with the fan, even flipping him the bird. A member of Colby's group got fed up with the fan, leading to a verbal exchange between them.

"Do something then," the fan said. "I don't even know who you are."

Covington and Masvidal used to be training partners and roommates, but their relationship soured when "Gamebred" said that "Chaos" didn't pay a coach what was owed. Covington denied it and made things worse by taking personal shots at Masvidal, even questioning his abilities as a father.

Even though Covington won against Masvidal by unanimous decision in March 2022, their rivalry continued. Masvidal reportedly confronted Covington outside a Miami Beach restaurant, leading to his arrest. "Gamebred" managed to avoid jail time by accepting a plea deal.

Let's hope the situation doesn't get worse between them, especially outside a controlled environment with safety measures in place.


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