Conor McGregor Fed Up, Lashes Out at UFC Over Fight Delays

Conor McGregor seems to be grappling with impatience in his relationship with the UFC and Dana White.

After a year without stepping into the Octagon, "The Notorious" had fans buzzing with anticipation when he announced a fight against Michael Chandler in June on New Year's Eve.

However, the excitement took a turn when UFC CEO Dana White cast doubt on the details of McGregor's return, indicating that no set plans were in place for the comeback of the promotion's biggest star. McGregor, not one to shy away from expressing his feelings, recently shared his frustration on Instagram, highlighting the confusion surrounding his return.

"Get this f***ing date set." - McGregor wrote on Instagram.

McGregor called for a date for his next fight to be set on Instagram Credit: @thenotoriousmma Instagram

The 35-year-old Irishman, who failed to compete in 2023 following The Ultimate Fighter 31, has faced speculation about potential opponents. Despite the uncertainty, McGregor's commitment to a fight against Michael Chandler remains evident, as he shared footage of their interactions in the cage on TUF 31.

Adding to the intrigue of McGregor's return is the original announcement that the fight with Chandler would take place in the middleweight division. However, White has thrown another curveball by stating that the opponent, date, and weight class are still undecided. This lack of clarity has fueled speculation among fans, with some even wondering if McGregor could headline UFC 300.

As the anticipation builds for McGregor's return, White has remained cryptic when questioned about the main event for UFC 300, scheduled for April 13. McGregor's journey back to the Octagon continues to be a rollercoaster of uncertainty and frustration, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further developments in the coming months.


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