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Dana White Walks Off Howie Mandel Show: 'So F****** Tired of Doing Podcasts.'

Dana White may not be up for any podcast interviews anytime soon.

The UFC CEO surprised host Howie Mandel on his well-known podcast by leaving abruptly before the interview could begin.

Check out a clip of White's unexpected exit below.


The podcast began in a friendly way, with the longtime judge from America's Got Talent praising Dana White's business skills and expressing gratitude for him being on the show.

"Dana White, you are an amazing guy," Mandel said. "I can't thank you enough for being here. … You are not only an amazing businessman, you are an inspiration, you are a philosopher; the way you do business, the way you conduct your business, and your friendships and media, I'm jealous. I can't thank you enough for being here."

White thanked Mandel for the compliments before saying he was “f****** tired of doing podcasts,” removing his headset, and walking out.

"Thank you all for the kind words, I appreciate it," White said. "I am so f tired of doing podcasts; I'm literally done with them. I'm not doing any more podcasts."

Mandel seemed completely surprised when White suddenly left the show. White didn't appear upset and didn't explain why he chose Mandel's show to leave. It's not clear if it was a planned joke.

Later, Mandel interviewed comedian Ginger Billy, who was also a guest. No one mentioned the situation, and neither Mandel nor White has talked about it on social media.


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