David Benavidez Dominates Demetrius Andrade in Six Rounds, Issues Bold Challenge to Canelo Alvarez

David Benavidez Dominates Demetrius Andrade in Six Rounds, Issues Bold Challenge to Canelo Alvarez

After his knockout victory over Demetrius Andrade, David Benavidez shared details of his brief post-fight encounter with Mike Tyson at ringside.

Benavidez expressed his gratitude to Tyson, stating, "I just told Mike Tyson that I love him and thanks so much for the motivation he's given me. It's not every day that a legend like Mike Tyson gives people a nickname. I just want to live up to my name." Tyson had bestowed upon Benavidez the nickname "The Mexican Monster," and the fighter believes he is indeed living up to it.



The fight took place at Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas, where Benavidez dominated Andrade in a dramatic showdown. Following the victory, Benavidez declared himself the best 168-pound champion, a sentiment gaining traction among knowledgeable observers. However, he acknowledges there's one way to prove it - by facing undisputed champion Canelo Alvarez, whom Benavidez is determined to pursue until they meet in the ring.

"I just solidified myself as the dominating performer that I am," Benavidez asserted, emphasizing his desire for the highly anticipated showdown with Canelo. He highlighted his achievements as the youngest super middleweight champion and a three-time titleholder, expressing his eagerness for the fight everyone wants to see.

Despite Alvarez's apparent lack of fear, Benavidez believes the 26-year-old from Phoenix is nearly unbeatable. Andrade, known for being avoided by opponents over the past decade, initially showcased skill and athleticism in the early rounds. However, Benavidez's powerful right hand in the fourth round changed the tide, leading to a relentless two-round beating.

Benavidez, confident in his performance, knew the knockout was inevitable. He dismissed critics who questioned his skills, citing his effective defense against Andrade's offense. Andrade, who suffered his first loss, attributed the outcome to Benavidez's size advantage.

Benavidez acknowledged that he isn't bigger than Alvarez, nor does he claim to be more skillful. However, he hopes his popularity and the desire for the matchup will convince Alvarez to face him, potentially as early as Cinco de Mayo weekend. Benavidez concluded by echoing the crowd's cheers for the anticipated matchup, emphasizing that the fans' response speaks for itself.


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