Eddie Hearn's Bold Move: Wants to offer Tank Davis Over $20M for Devin Haney Showdown

Eddie Hearn's Bold Move: Wants to offer Tank Davis Over $20M for Devin Haney Showdown

Eddie Hearn shared last Saturday that he wants to talk to Gervonta Davis about offering more than the $20 million he supposedly turned down for a fight with Devin Haney. But Gervonta doesn't want to talk to Hearn.

Tank has said he'd consider fair offers if they come from the right people, talking to his manager, Al Haymon. Gervonta might also want Haney to agree to certain fight conditions, like a strict rehydration limit and catchweight, to make a deal. He won't agree to fight at 170 lbs on fight night, though. Bill said Tank rejected a $20 million offer, but it's unclear who made the offer. Tank said he never talked to Bill and didn't speak with his manager, Al Haymon.

So, is Hearn's offer going to be like Bill's? If it's just for show, trying to hype up Haney's value for attention, it's a waste of time.

“We’ve got some massive offers for Gervonta Davis, but if he doesn’t want the fight, there’s not a lot we can do. I want to make an offer of probably more than that, but unfortunately, they don’t want to have the conversation. Not yet. Boxing is such a mad business where people listen to people. Devin, next year could fight Ryan Garcia, Teofimo Lopez, and Geronta Davis, and he would fight all of them. But someone wants $50 million. Someone wants $20 million,” Hearn said

Several factors complicate the offer. PBC's deal with Amazon Prime Video makes it more likely they'd prefer a fight on that platform. The offer from Haney and Hearn is probably for a fight on DAZN. However, since Tank Davis is a top choice for the first PPV on Amazon Prime Video, an offer to fight on DAZN doesn't make much sense. There are also concerns about the weight class. Davis is hesitant to fight over 135 pounds, especially without a rehydration clause, which team Haney has ruled out. So, a few issues still need sorting out before a fight can be arranged.


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