Froch vs. McGregor: War of Words Escalates as Froch Claims Victory in Potential Cage Fight

Froch vs. McGregor: War of Words Escalates as Froch Claims Victory in Potential Cage Fight

Former world boxing champion Carl Froch has intensified his ongoing feud with UFC legend Conor McGregor by claiming that he would beat him in the octagon.

Froch, who held multiple world titles during his professional boxing career, stated that McGregor is "too small" for him and he would come out victorious if they were to fight in the cage.

During a discussion with his old rival George Groves on various fighting topics, the retired former super middleweight world champion appeared to issue a challenge of sorts.

Froch has been engaged in a heated feud with YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, but a much more challenging task awaits him in the form of professional fighter McGregor. The former UFC champion is currently staging a comeback after suffering a brutal leg break in 2021, and has also dabbled in mixing combat sports when he faced Floyd Mayweather Jr in an exhibition boxing match.

During a discussion with former rival George Groves, Froch was asked to weigh in on a hypothetical fight between Paul and McGregor. After picking McGregor as the winner, he was then prompted to comment on whether he could defeat both fighters.

“I’m too big for both of them,” he said. “Jake Paul I’d only need one arm, Conor McGregor might give me a few small problems but he’s too small.

“If I’m fighting Conor McGregor in a cage I’d train harder because I would fight Conor McGregor in the cage.

“I could be getting myself in trouble here or into a position I can’t wiggle out of, but I think I’d take him on in the cage. Is that ridiculous, am I wrong?

McGregor was quick to respond and seemed happy to take on the fight.




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