Gervonta Davis Voices Outrage from Behind Bars: 'This Judge Is Crazy'

Gervonta Davis Voices Outrage from Behind Bars: 'This Judge Is Crazy'

Gervonta Davis has broken his silence following his recent arrest, marking his first public statement since the incident unfolded.

Dubbed the "face of boxing," Davis was apprehended and taken into custody for violating the terms of his house arrest. This sentencing came as a result of his involvement in a hit-and-run incident in 2020, to which he pleaded guilty.

Under the court's ruling, Davis was obligated to serve 90 days of house arrest, coupled with three years of probation. The stipulation mandated that he remain confined to his trainer Calvin Ford's residence.

However, it was later discovered that Davis had been residing at the Four Seasons hotel, followed by his purchase of a $3.4 million home in Baltimore. Since neither of these locations were reported to the authorities, Judge Althea M. Handy issued the order for his custody.

Expressing his discontent, Davis shared a recorded phone call from prison on his Instagram account, where he conveyed the following message.



“This judge is crazy. This judge is… they seen I bought a property. I did everything in my power to listen to my lawyers. I listened to everyone to a ‘T.’ She’s mad that I brought a property. That’s why I’m sitting in jail.

“She wanted me to be in an apartment… a one-(bedroom) apartment. I couldn’t take that. She wanted me to stay in a one-(bedroom) apartment where I couldn’t have my kids or nothing and things like that.

“I wanted to shed some light on this situation. She’s taking advantage of me and she’s doing stuff that’s not right to me. I just had to shed light on this situation,”

For Davis, this is the most untimely development, particularly considering his position as the coveted "cash cow" in the 135 lb division.

With lucrative bouts against the likes of Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson potentially looming on the horizon, it becomes paramount for Davis to swiftly regain his footing in his career.

It is worth noting that Davis himself has openly expressed his desire to face formidable opponents such as Haney and Stevenson, among others.

“I got some people I want to get. Devin Haney, Vasiliy Lomachenko, Teofimo Lopez. I don’t want to say the last one’s name. Shakur Stevenson,”

With that being said, the boxing community are waiting for Davis’ return.

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