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GM Lou Markstrom | DAOS Legends | The #1 Martial Arts Magazine


It was June 19, 2019 and it is the phone call that no dedicated and loyal student ever wants to receive. Sijo James Robinson had passed was the call Lou Markstrom received that day.

So many thoughts and emotions went through his mind. Sadness, upset and grief for the loss of his teacher, friend and brother but also a knowing that there was a legacy to be honored, furthered, and cherished. 

Your teacher, at a World Warrior Alliance event, Oso Tayari Cassell once said "a person dies 2 deaths, one when they pass on and a 2nd when their name is no longer spoken. A student has no control over the first one, but they can certainly impact the 2nd one." It is the honor and responsibility that the legacy of James Robinson and Running Fist endured into the future.

Deadly Art of Survival 7th Edition

(Lou Markstrom made his 1st appearance in the 7th edition.)

Sijo James Robinson began his martial arts training in 1964. His martial arts background included Shotokan, Judo, Tai Chi Chuan, 5 Animal Kung-fu, and Wing Chun. He was the co-founder of the World Warrior Alliance (WWA).

Sijo Robinson founded Running Fist in 1982 in New York and is now currently taught in various locations across the US and other parts of the world. He received various Hall of Fame inductions and awards for his time and dedication to martial arts. He was the United States Director for the American Federation of Martial Arts. He can be seen in the 2012 movie “Here Comes The Boom: as the “Factory Fighter” with long-time student and friend Kevin James.

Running Fist is a combination of martial art systems that are taught through a series of concepts. It incorporates elements of kung-fu, karate, jiu-jitsu, and other styles. No matter the background of the techniques being utilized, they always follow the fundamental principle of Running Fist that “Every Technique Gives Birth to The Next Technique.”

Full Article in the 7th edition

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