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Ibo Aslan Makes Explosive UFC Debut, Secures $50,000 Bonus

In a dazzling UFC debut, Turkish fighter Ibo Aslan left fans in awe as he delivered a spectacular knockout against Anton Turkalj in the light heavyweight division.

Dubbed 'The Last Ottoman', Aslan showcased his dominance with a jaw-dropping TKO/KO victory over his opponent in the third round, courtesy of a powerful right high kick that sent Turkalj crashing to the canvas.

Making history as the first Turkish fighter to triumph in the UFC, Aslan emphasized his knockout mentality, boasting an impeccable record of 13 knockouts in 13 victories.



"I'm not here to win the fight, I'm here to knock people out," declared Aslan, reflecting on his fighting ethos.

Following his electrifying performance, Aslan's prowess earned him one of the evening's coveted $50,000 bonuses, solidifying his status as a rising star in the UFC ranks. However, the celebration was briefly paused as both Aslan and Turkalj underwent precautionary CT scans for their head and face post-fight.



For Aslan, the victory carried a deeper significance as he avenged his sole career defeat, inflicted by Turkalj in a previous encounter back in 2020 during the European Brave event. Turkalj, a Dana White Contenders alumnus, had previously handed Aslan a setback, making the victory all the sweeter for the Turkish sensation.

With his explosive debut sending shockwaves through the MMA world, Aslan's future in the UFC promises thrilling matchups and continued success as he ascends the ranks of the light heavyweight division.


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