Intense Weigh-In Brawl: Fighter on Okolie vs Light Undercard Sends Opponent Flying

Intense Weigh-In Brawl: Fighter on Okolie vs Light Undercard Sends Opponent Flying

Although the main event fighters, Lawrence Okolie and David Light, did not cause any trouble, the weigh-ins for their upcoming match turned violent.

Okolie is set to defend his WBO world title against Light in Manchester on Saturday night, while the undercard will showcase an exciting English super featherweight bout between Michael Gomez Jr and Levi Giles.

As soon as the pair approached each other, it was clear something would go wrong.

And on cue, Gomez Jr sent Giles to the floor with a huge push

Giles was taken by surprise and sent flying a couple of feet by Gomez Jr.'s sudden and shocking shove. Although security intervened and separated the two fighters, they continued to exchange heated words while remaining on opposite sides of the stage.



Gomez Jr.'s behavior has elicited mixed reactions online, with some considering it a clever tactic to hype up the fight, while others view it as a red flag that he lacks self-control.

Regardless, Gomez Jr. and Giles will be facing each other in the ring on Saturday, and given their altercation during the weigh-in, we can anticipate a heated and explosive fight.

In the main event, Okolie weighed in at 14 stone 4 lbs, and Light weighed 14 stone 2 lbs, both within the cruiserweight limit. While the face-off between the two was less intense than that of Gomez Jr and Giles, both Okolie and Light are expected to bring high energy to the fight on Saturday night.


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