Jake Paul's Boxing Trainer BJ Flores Hospitalized After Being Shot in Armed Robbery

Jake Paul's Boxing Trainer BJ Flores Hospitalized After Being Shot in Armed Robbery

BJ Flores was shot and hospitalized. He was on holiday in Colombia when the shocking incident took place.

Flores, who is known for his work as a boxing trainer for Jake Paul and his previous challenge against Tony Bellew for the WBC cruiserweight world title, shared the details of the incident on social media.


Flores, a friend of David Haye, wrote: “Tonight I was attacked by two armed motorcycle drivers as a passenger at a RED LIGHT.

“They pulled up, stuck a gun to my head, and tried to steal my wallet and my watch.

“They shot me one time in the leg and I defended myself the best way I could.

“I am still in the emergency room waiting to have the bullet removed at 5:18am.

“Thank you for the well wishes. I will learn from this.

“Be safe out there, please. Life is precious.”

Flores took to social media to show where the robber’s pistol was held against his temple

Flores explained further in a video on his Instagram story in which he said:

“You can see where the pistol was held right there.

“They came to the car and put the pistol right there.

“It’s crazy, I don’t know what to say.

“The pistol was right there, he yelled at me to give my wallet and my watch, everything.



“We were definitely targeted. They couldn’t have possibly seen my watch so we were definitely targeted.

“It is what it is, I’m still alive, everything’s good, I’m happy.

“The doctors came in and told me we’ve got surgery coming up now.

“Stay safe out there.”

Prior to the incident, Flores had shared multiple videos on social media documenting his trip to Medellin, where he planned to relax and explore real estate properties.

Flores, who is a former boxer himself, notably fought against British boxer Tony Bellew in 2016 but was knocked out in the third round. Throughout his career, Flores had 39 professional fights, winning 34 and losing 4.

More recently, Flores has been working with YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul since 2021 and was in Paul's corner for his February defeat against former Love Island contestant Tommy Fury.

In addition to his boxing career, Flores made headlines in February 2022 after being hospitalized due to a "penis injury" caused by a dog bite. He shared a video on Instagram from his hospital bed, where he showed a diagnosis sheet indicating a "penile laceration" and a "dog bite". Despite the ordeal, Flores made a full recovery and was discharged from the hospital.


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