KSI Challenges Tommy Fury: ‘sign the damn contract’, Jake Paul Demands February Rematch

KSI Challenges Tommy Fury: ‘sign the damn contract’, Jake Paul Demands February Rematch

Tommy Fury finds himself in a favorable position, with both KSI and Jake Paul vying for highly lucrative fights against him.

In a memorable clash last February, Fury exhibited remarkable resilience by weathering a final round knockdown and emerging victorious over Jake Paul, securing a split decision triumph.

Despite having a rematch clause in place, Jake Paul surprised everyone by opting not to invoke it. Instead, he recently declared an upcoming showdown on August 5 against former UFC fighter Nate Diaz.

In light of this development, Tommy Fury is currently engaged in negotiations for a potential matchup against Paul's longstanding adversary, KSI. However, the transition from social media stardom to professional boxing has left KSI growing increasingly frustrated due to the protracted time it is taking to finalize the fight.

"What you waiting for @tommytntfury?" KSI tweeted in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

"Sign the damn contract and let me show you the difference between me and that fraud who only wins against retired MMA pensioners."

Paul responded with disdain, launching a scathing critique of KSI's boxing career, meticulously dissecting every aspect. He called attention to KSI's canceled bout against MMA fighter Dillon Danis, and even highlighted KSI's most recent encounter with Joe Fournier, which resulted in a no contest due to an accidental elbow strike from KSI that brought about the knockout.



"This clown… tried to fight Dildo Dan [Dillon Danis] who has never boxed and put a rehydration clause on him," Paul said.

"Fought a 40 year old who hadn’t fought for 3 years and put a rehydration clause on him before elbowing him.

"Now trying to squeeze Tommy.

"I elevated Tommy, my son is now worth a lot more than the $1.5M offers you making.

"Tommy, February we run it back."

KSI quickly clapped back saying: "We ain’t offering 1.5 million.

"It’s crazy how much your hype has died since you lost. No one cares anymore."


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