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KSI Threatens Adin Ross Amid Boxing Feud: "I'd Slap Him in the Face"

The boxing feud between KSI and Adin Ross continues to escalate, with KSI now claiming he would "slap" Ross in the face if they were to meet in person.

The British YouTuber has been embroiled in a legal battle with Ross after the Kick streamer attempted to recruit influencer-boxer ‘Deen the Great’ for his ‘Brand Risk’ boxing event in March.

However, KSI's Misfits Boxing promotion holds exclusive rights to Deen, preventing him from fighting under another promotion. This led Misfits Boxing to send Ross a cease and desist order, sparking a heated exchange on social media.

In a recent episode of the What’s Good podcast on April 3, KSI expressed his frustration with Ross, stating, “With me and Adin, I’d slap him in the face.” KSI cited the boxing dispute as the root cause of their animosity, revealing that he no longer wants to associate with the Kick platform due to Ross.

“I just think he’s a bit of a d**k head,” KSI added. “When you’ve got his fanbase allegedly doxxing our event and slowing it down for two hours, making people have to leave the venue, have the police come in…”

Adin Ross’s moderators sent out a message urging the streamer’s fans to stop allegedly doxxing KSI and his family, with some even threatening to swat the YouTuber’s mother amid their legal back-and-forth. While KSI acknowledged that Deen was at fault for attempting to breach his contract with Misfits, he accused Ross of “stirring the pot” by recruiting Deen for his event simultaneously.

“It just put a sour taste in my mouth,” KSI reiterated. “I was watching it and I was just vexed the whole time.”

As of now, Ross has not publicly responded to KSI's statements, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next development in this ongoing feud.


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