Mark Zuckerberg's Awkward Ringside Moments Steal the Show at UFC 298

In an unexpected turn of events at UFC 298 on Saturday night, Mark Zuckerberg found himself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

The Facebook founder, a self-professed mixed martial arts enthusiast, joined Alexander Volkanovski's corner in California, creating an awkward and amusing viral moment.



As Volkanovski prepared to step into the Octagon against Ilia Topuria, Zuckerberg, in his MMA training element, appeared out of place among the seasoned corner members. In a cringe-worthy scene caught on camera, Zuckerberg nodded along to the arena music while attempting, and failing, three times to assist Volkanovski with his clothes, with his outstretched hand consistently ignored by the team.

Fans reacted quickly to Zuckerberg's uncomfortable moment, with one humorously commenting, "He looks like it's his first day at school." Another remarked, "Poor Zuck, like no one seems to notice him," highlighting the situation's awkwardness.

Another added: “Mark Zuckerberg looks like that really nice kid trying to fit in and hang with the bad kids,” while another added: “Mark Zuckerberg’s awkwardness will always be funny.” Social media buzzed with comments about Zuckerberg looking "nervous as hell" and "out of his element."

Despite the initial awkwardness, Zuckerberg found his cheering rhythm as the fight progressed, visibly excited as he supported Volkanovski in his 30th career bout. However, the Meta chief's presence did not bring luck, as Volkanovski suffered a knockout defeat in the second round of the main event in Anaheim.

Zuckerberg, who fully immersed himself in MMA training and endured an ACL tear late last year, has been eyeing a return to the cage in September after a successful recovery. Living in California, the host state of the UFC 298 event, Zuckerberg couldn't resist being part of the fight night action.

Not limited to Volkanovski's corner, Zuckerberg also had an interaction with bantamweight Georgian Merab Dvalishvili in the front row during the penultimate round of his victory, adding another quirky moment to the Facebook founder's eventful night at the UFC. As Zuckerberg continues his MMA journey, fans can't help but wonder if he'll make another ringside appearance in the future.


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