(MCU EXCLUSIVE) Elizabeth Olsen Opens Up: Marvel Return Not High on Her Priority List

(MCU EXCLUSIVE) Elizabeth Olsen Opens Up: Marvel Return Not High on Her Priority List

Elizabeth Olsen recently discussed the potential for her character, Wanda Maximoff, to make a comeback in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) following the release of "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness."

The fate of Scarlet Witch, portrayed by Olsen, was left uncertain at the conclusion of "Doctor Strange 2" after appearing to sacrifice herself. Since then, fans have been eagerly speculating about whether the former Avenger will return in future Marvel projects.

In February 2023, when questioned about a potential return, the MCU actress remained elusive, recognizing that providing an answer might inadvertently reveal spoilers. However, Olsen openly acknowledged in April that she is uncertain about her character's future, expressing her hope to reprise the role of Wanda Maximoff.

Elizabeth Olsen Opens up About Scarlet Witch Future

Elizabeth Olsen, Scarlet Witch

During a conversation with Meghann Fahy as part of Variety's Actors on Actors series, Elizabeth Olsen shared her perspective on why she doesn't have a strong desire to reprise her role as Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, in the Marvel universe.

When Fahy inquired about whether she misses playing Wanda, Olsen candidly responded with a simple "No." She explained that her lack of eagerness to return stems from the fact that she feels a deep sense of pride in the accomplishments she has achieved while portraying the character of Wanda:

Fahy: "People always want to find a through line. Do you miss doing Wanda?"

Olsen: "No, I don’t. I think it’s been almost 10 years of playing her. And I’ve loved it. And I think the reason why l am not calling Kevin Feige everyday with ideas is because I’m really proud of what we were able to do."

The MCU veteran continued by reflecting on her time with Marvel, pointing out that WandaVision was a "really surprising opportunity:"

"I think 'WandaVision' was a really surprising opportunity. If someone were to tell me that I’m fired from Marvel movies, I will feel proud of what we made. And I really am just trying to figure out how to load up other films and characters, so it becomes less about the Marvel of it all.”

In March 2023, Elizabeth Olsen revealed that she wants Marvel Studios to redeem the Scarlet Witch if the character returns in future projects. 

Olsen said that not only does she hope the MCU can "give her some redemption," but she wants to see Wanda get "a lot more humor" in her comeback: 

"We can do anything with her now! I feel like we’ve done so much. Now, we can really have fun; I feel like there’s a lot more humor to be had with her. She’s often the emotion of a story, and I’m curious to see what we can explore. And hopefully [we can] give her some redemption."

When Will Elizabeth Olsen Return as Scarlet Witch?

Elizabeth Olsen's latest comments about a possible MCU comeback indicate that she is at peace with the idea that Wanda will not return due to the fact that Marvel has already done so much with the character. 

Still, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige's previous remarks about working with Olsen again could hint at an eventual return for both the actress and the character: 

“I’d work with Lizzie [Olsen] for another 100 years if we could. Anything’s possible in the Multiverse! We’ll have to see.”

The precise moment of Scarlet Witch's return to the MCU is yet to be unveiled. However, one potential project that could mark her comeback is "Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

Interestingly, Olsen may have already teased her return in the Kathryn Hahn-led Disney+ series by saying that she thinks she will be back:

”I don’t know ever how to answer these questions, except I don’t… I think I’ll be back...”

Whatever the case, it's clear that Scarlet Witch's story in the MCU is far from over.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is streaming on Disney+.

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