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Mike Perry Challenges Jake Paul: 'Test Yourself for Real'

Mike Perry isn't one to mince words, especially when it comes to a potential showdown with Jake Paul.

With his upcoming bout against Thiago Alves looming, Perry's sights are already set on a dream fight against the YouTube sensation turned pro boxer.

Scheduled to headline the BKFC KnuckleMania 4 main event on April 27, Perry has already made his mark in the bareknuckle boxing world, notching wins over formidable opponents like Michael Page, Luke Rockhold, and Eddie Alvarez. But when asked about his dream matchup in bareknuckle, Perry didn't hesitate to call out Paul.

"In BKFC? Jake Paul," Perry told TMZ. "If he hurts Mike Tyson, let me get that, bro."

Paul is set to take on boxing legend Mike Tyson on July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. While Perry doubts Paul's willingness to step into the bareknuckle arena, he's open to settling the score in a different setting.

"Yes, but he's not doing bareknuckle," Perry acknowledged. "But I wouldn't put it past Jake Paul because he's been doing stuff that people would say he's afraid of and things like that."

Perry's challenge to Paul extends beyond the ring, as he proposed a street fight if Paul is up for the challenge.

"So Jake, man, definitely issuing you a challenge: If you get through Mike Tyson, test yourself for real and let's have a street fight," Perry declared.

Unimpressed by Paul's opponents thus far, Perry is confident in his ability to dispatch the YouTuber quickly.

"Fuck Jake," Perry bluntly stated. "Yeah, he's got some (talent), but I'd like to say I'm beating him as fast as he's beating these taxi drivers, especially bareknuckle. I'll hurt him, and he'll cry and run away and cower in the corner in the fetal position."

With tensions running high, fight fans eagerly await to see if Perry's challenge will be accepted, setting the stage for a potential showdown that promises fireworks both inside and outside the ring.

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