Nathan Ingram Shidoshi

Nathan Ingram Shidoshi

Nathan Ingram Shidoshi is a martial artist who is highly
respected by many inside and outside the Martial Arts
community, as well as around the world. With more than 50
years in Martial Arts, he is well known for his hard-core
training and teaching methods and no-nonsense work ethic.
Shidoshi, a former Karate Bare-Knuckle Champion, is also
the recipient of many community awards. Nathan Ingram
was born and raised in the Alfred E. Smith projects on the
Lower East Side of Manhattan near Chinatown.

It was Shidoshi's dream from the time he was 12 years old to own
and operate a school in his community to bridge the divide
between the Asian and the Black/Hispanic communities.
Years later, he did exactly that when he began
teaching in 1973 at 1 Henry Street, which faced the
Chinatown Horizon youth development center and
Mariners' Temple Baptist Church.

He became the first and only Black instructor to own and operate a
dojo in the history of Chinatown. To this day, his
D.A.S Karate Federation has hands-down won
more championships than any other school on the
Lower East Side of Manhattan. Nathan Ingram has taught over 20,000 students and winning over 1300 championships. You can read about
the accomplishments of Shidoshi and the powerful
D.A.S Karate history in future issues.


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