Prograis Anticipates Haney's Size and Strength, Vows to Outshine in Every Aspect

Prograis Anticipates Haney's Size and Strength, Vows to Outshine in Every Aspect

Regis Prograis is acknowledging Devin Haney's skills and giving him due respect as they prepare for their upcoming bout on Saturday at the Chase Center in San Francisco on DAZN PPV.

Despite Haney's background as the former undisputed lightweight champion and his move up to face the WBC junior welterweight champion, Prograis (29-1, 24 KOs) believes he might face some physical disadvantages in the match.

“He's big. But size doesn't win fights. I don't worry about that. Yeah, he has a little size but I don't care about that,” Prograis told and other media in an interview.

“I expect him to be bigger and stronger. I'd rather be surprised and say he's not as tough or hit as hard as I thought he would. In my mind I'm going in there thinking he is going to be big and he is going to be strong. That's what I am training for -- a bigger and stronger Haney.”

While both boxers are listed at 5 feet 8 inches tall, Devin Haney holds a notable four-inch reach advantage over Regis Prograis. This physical distinction became apparent during their initial press conference in October when Haney, seemingly thicker and slightly taller, faced off with Prograis.

Prograis tossed the tale of the tape aside when further assessing the fight ahead. 

“The way I have been sparring and training, I feel like I'm going to do everything better,” he said. “I feel like my jab will be better. I obviously have more power. My head movement, feet, and defense is going to be better. I feel like I am going to beat him on every level. There is going to be nothing that he can do. I'm not being cocky or anything like that, I am just confident. I'm closing all of my holes, and I know I had a lot of holes. I got to the top just by fighting. I started boxing late. But now I'm boxing.” 


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