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Ryan Garcia Stands Firm on Friendship with Floyd Mayweather: 'I Love & Respect Him'

Ryan Garcia is standing strong against any criticism regarding his friendship with Floyd Mayweather.

The boxer, with a record of 24-1 (20 KOs), shared on social media that Mayweather is mentoring him, and he has a lot of "love and respect" for the boxing legend. This comes after facing backlash for spending time with Floyd, including their well-known 3 AM jog in Las Vegas.

"Floyd is mentoring me, And I love and respect him, he is so authentic so stop judging him," Garcia said to the haters.



"Judging a book by its cover will stop you from reading but Derrick James is my coach, and I love him too."

Some boxing fans are puzzled by the connection because Ryan is still working with Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions. De La Hoya and TBE (The Best Ever) Mayweather are rivals.

Interestingly, even De La Hoya doesn't seem too bothered by it. He mentioned to FightHype that he's fine with Ryan and Floyd being associated, though he did note that, in the past, this might have been viewed as a "conflict of interest."

Some folks have griped that Garcia lost to Gervonta Davis, who is close to Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather even celebrated with Tank in the ring after his victory over Garcia.

But, Ryan doesn't want to listen to the complaints.

"You guys don’t know him and most of you will never. But he is authentic has a good heart and extremely generous," Ryan said.

floyd mayweather and gervonta tank davis

"HES 50-0 and he’s almost half a 100 lmao but Love him and I respect him so put respect on his name. He may be Money Mayweather but he really tries to be as authentic as possible."

Devin Haney also came for Garcia ... sending him this Instagram DM: Floyd can't save or help u..

Garcia's reply ... "CRY ME A RIVER"


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