Stunning 4-Second Knockout Leaves Fighter Carried Out on Stretcher, Thanks to Takaya Suzuki

Move over, Jorge Masvidal!

Japanese fighter Takaya Suzuki just pulled off a jaw-dropping spectacular four-second finish that echoes Masvidal's famous flying knee knockout in 2019.



In the Professional Shooto event on January 27, Takaya Suzuki faced off against Yuichi Miyagi. As Miyagi approached for a glove touch, Suzuki unleashed a lightning-fast flying knee that connected perfectly. Miyagi dropped to the canvas, stiff as a board, and the referee quickly stopped the fight.

The stunning knockout was officially scored at four seconds, and Miyagi had to be escorted out on a stretcher.

Takaya Suzuki has made a significant mark, now boasting an impressive 4-1 record, with three victories by first-round knockout. On the other hand, Yuichi Miyagi, a seasoned veteran with 35 fights under his belt, experienced the most decisive loss of his career. Despite Miyagi's resilience and background as a flyweight grappler, having only suffered two first-round defeats in six losses, he now faces two losses in under a minute.

For those keen on watching Shooto events, they can catch the action through live streaming on Abema TV. Notably, the UFC features a prominent Shooto athlete in Tatsuro Taira, who secured the Shooto Japan Flyweight championship in 2021.


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