Tommy Fury Reportedly in Talks to Face KSI, Dealing Blow to Jake Paul's Fight Ambitions

Tommy Fury Reportedly in Talks to Face KSI, Dealing Blow to Jake Paul's Fight Ambitions

According to Tommy Fury's father, John Fury, discussions are underway for Tommy to take on KSI in his next fight.

Tommy recently secured a split-decision win in a highly-anticipated bout against his bitter rival, Jake Paul, just last month.

According to an interview with the Mirror, John Fury revealed that his son, Tommy Fury, could potentially face off against KSI, rather than a rematch with Jake Paul.

He said: "Well, no, we aren't sure I have been in talks with the Sauerland brothers about a possible match-up with their man KSI.

"I had a meeting with them the other day and it went well. Let’s see what happens.

"I am still waiting to hear from them, but they did text me the other day saying they are really busy and they are on it.

"If it can be done, we will do it. Whoever else wants to box Tommy, ring the number and get in touch.

"I don’t deal with the Jake Paul rematch, I am on a rest period and I have just left that to my lawyer.

"But I’m sure if it can be done, we can do it."

British YouTuber and rapper KSI is set to make his return to the boxing ring on May 13 at Wembley Arena, where he will face off against Joe Fournier. Fournier, who previously lost an exhibition bout to former heavyweight champion David Haye in 2021, will look to bounce back against KSI.

The upcoming fight between KSI and Fournier comes after KSI accused Jake Paul of "ducking" him in the past.

He said in a Twitter Space: "They look like they just want to do the rematch or they want to look for another opponent.

"It doesn't seem like they are keen to fight me any time soon, which is funny because he was the guy who said I was ducking.

"But, I'm not ducking anyone, man. I've literally told everyone the reason why I came back into boxing was to fight Jake Paul.

"And now he doesn't want to fight me."


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