Traditional Martial Arts vs Non- Traditional Martial Arts

Traditional Martial Arts vs Non- Traditional Martial Arts

Since the beginning, there has always been that question of what works better than the other. People spend their lives dedicated to training for many different reasons practicing the martial arts. Some for confidence, some for empowerment, some for fitness, but at the end of the day this is all about self-protection and survival.


 "No matter how we slice it the bravado always rears its ugly head. What style is stronger? Better? Faster? Who produces the best of the best? So let's look at the facts."


Traditional arts


In the traditional martial arts world, we learn many life lessons not just how to hurt someone or score a point. But rather how to set goals both short and long term. We learn how to set a plan into action and live the warrior spirit of resilience in our journey through the rankings.


As we get frustrated and struggle with new material new terminology languages and dojo culture.


We learn that respect is the backbone of our art and humility is Its mother without humility we can't empty our cups to receive new knowledge and information.

The traditional arts give us a base in mental, physical, emotional, and moral strength. We learn various options for defense are weapons are truly unlimited.


We learn that nothing comes overnight and the moment you think you have conquered or mastered a concept a new one arises. Things like techniques, kata, terminology, and hidden applications come to light over time giving the practitioner a constant preverbal carrot to chase.


The modern-day combat sport focuses too much on the concept of competition. And does not foster the idea of brotherhood and family that traditional dojos do. They promote the idea of wrapping one's hands and wearing gloves means that you can knock someone out without having to condition your bones and skin it is a bit ridiculous to someone who spent decades training their bones for such impact and the reality of street combat.


To be continued.


By Kevin Pereira

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