Tyron Woodley Offers Millions to Fight St-Pierre, But GSP Declines

Tyron Woodley Offers Millions to Fight St-Pierre, But GSP Declines

Tyron Woodley has been vocal about his desire to fight Georges St-Pierre for years, dating back to their UFC days.

Even though they are no longer with Dana White's organization, Woodley still wants to face GSP. In an interview with TMZ Sports, the 41-year-old Woodley disclosed that he has started his own fight promotion (more details to come) and has offered St-Pierre a substantial amount of money for the fight.


"Like Georges St-Pierre, I offered him a dumb bag, he said 'No. I'm not in that world anymore,'" Woodley revealed.

Tyron added ... "When I say dumb, I'm talking pushing the eight figures, a lot of money."

Eight figures indicates $10,000,000 ... a lot of money by any standard.

) Georges St-Pierre of Canada punches Michael Bisping

GSP's last fight was in 2017, making a comeback after a four-year break to face Michael Bisping. He secured a victory with a submission (rear-naked choke) in the third round.

Regarding the promotion, Tyron emphasizes that it's not solely focused on fighting.

"It's called The Realest International Promotion, TRIP. We're promoting all things art, we're not just doing mixed martial arts," Tyron explained, adding, "We're doing music, concerts, festivals, cryptocurrency, e-sporting events, boxing, and then we just doing a lot of crossovers."

Tyron Woodley Colby Covington

There's more from Tyron, including the former longtime welterweight champ revealing that he, not John Gotti III, was initially set to fight Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition boxing match earlier this year.

Watch the clip for more details!


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