UFC 286: Leon Edwards aims to ‘open the door’ for Kamaru Usman's retirement.

UFC 286: Leon Edwards aims to ‘open the door’ for Kamaru Usman's retirement.

Leon Edwards is expressing confidence that defeating Kamaru Usman for a second time could potentially lead to Usman's retirement from the sport.

UFC welterweight champion, Leon Edwards, is confident that his opponent Kamaru Usman will "follow his fashion dreams" after losing their trilogy fight at UFC 286 in London on March 18. Dubbed "Rocky", Edwards boldly stated that he could knock out Usman even on his worst day.

Usman, who faced his first career knockout at the hands of Edwards' stunning head kick during their previous bout at UFC 278 in August, is recognized for his flashy and often topless fashion preferences at public events, including pre-fight build-ups.

In their last encounter, Edwards dealt a brutal knockout blow to Usman, snatching the welterweight title from him. With Usman having emerged victorious in their initial clash in 2015, the stakes are high for their upcoming bout at London's O2 Arena this weekend.

Edwards is optimistic about his chances, believing that a victory on Saturday night could prompt his 35-year-old adversary to retire from the sport. In his remarks to the media, Edwards hinted that Usman's mindset and behavior suggest that he may be nearing the end of his career.

While he acknowledged that Usman's retirement is ultimately up to him, Edwards expressed his conviction that he can pave the way for Usman to explore his fashion aspirations and other interests. Edwards revealed that he had heard that Usman had flown a stylist to London, highlighting the contrast between their respective priorities and goals.



In their last clash back in August, Usman took the lead for much of the bout. Edwards was on the brink of a second consecutive loss to his rival, but in the fifth and final round, he turned the tables in spectacular fashion.

With a breathtaking head kick, he delivered a stunning knockout blow, causing a major upset and becoming the second British fighter to claim a UFC title after Michael Bisping. Since that fight, both fighters have been absent from the octagon.

If Edwards prevails in their upcoming match, he will extend his winning streak to 11 and cement his status as one of the sport's rising stars.

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