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UFC Fighter Bites Opponent, Victim Turns bite Mark into Tattoo: "Dude went full Mike Tyson"

UFC's Vegas 89 event went down in history, not for the anticipated matchups or the thrilling exchanges in the octagon, but for an incident that left the MMA world stunned.

Brazilian fighter Igor Severino made headlines not for his skills, but for sinking his teeth into his opponent, Andre Lima, in a moment of bizarre aggression. This unprecedented move led to Severino's disqualification and subsequent expulsion from the UFC by none other than the big boss, Dana White.

The showdown between Amanda Ribas and Rose Namajunas, which saw Namajunas emerging victorious, took a backseat as the shocking news of Severino's bite stole the spotlight. It's a scene reminiscent of past sports controversies, from Mike Tyson's infamous ear bite in 1997 to Luis Suarez's World Cup nibble in 2014.



In a sport known for its intensity, a bite is uncommon. However, Severino's actions defied belief. During the preliminary match, Severino, with Lima pinned against the fence, sank his teeth into Lima's left triceps. This move was as shocking as it was unpredicted, especially since Severino was ahead on the scorecards.



Referee Chris Tognoni quickly stopped the fight, disqualifying Severino, marking his first career loss. But the consequences didn't end there. UFC President Dana White acted swiftly, handing down the harshest punishment by kicking Severino out of the UFC.

In an unexpected twist, Lima decided to embrace the bite mark as a badge of honor. Wanting to commemorate the moment, he enlisted a tattoo artist to ink the bite mark on his skin. Accompanying the mark were the words, "I Got F**king Bit Bonus", alluding to a potential UFC bonus for withstanding such physical aggression.



As the MMA community grapples with this unprecedented incident, one thing is clear: in the intense world of UFC, even the most shocking moments can become unforgettable parts of the sport's history.


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