UFC Fighter Nate Diaz Calls Out Mike Tyson for Praising Conor McGregor

UFC Fighter Nate Diaz Calls Out Mike Tyson for Praising Conor McGregor

Nate Diaz has recently expressed his displeasure towards Mike Tyson following the boxing legend's glowing praise for Conor McGregor.

Tyson commended McGregor for his impressive ten-round performance in his boxing debut against the undefeated American legend Floyd Mayweather. However, Diaz did not take kindly to Tyson's comments and subsequently criticized him for supporting McGregor.

Following Mike Tyson's mention of Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz took to Twitter to remind the world of his rear-naked choke submission victory over McGregor by saying,

"I took him all the way out in about eight minutes right before that – what does that tell you? Finished dead."

Diaz couldn't resist highlighting his dominance over McGregor and his ability to finish the Irishman within a short amount of time.



Nate Diaz's departure from the UFC has not dimmed the ferocity of his long-standing feud with Conor McGregor.

Their explosive encounter at UFC 196 in March 2016 resulted in a stunning upset victory for Diaz, who submitted the then-undefeated featherweight champion after moving up to the welterweight division for the bout. Despite the passage of time, the animosity between these two formidable fighters remains as fierce as ever.

In August of the same year, Conor McGregor redeemed himself by winning a majority decision over Nate Diaz in their UFC 202 rematch, after Diaz had defeated him in their first bout. Despite fans' eagerness for a trilogy bout, it seems unlikely to happen since Diaz left the UFC last year.

After defeating Diaz, McGregor went on to make history by becoming the first dual-weight champion in the UFC by dominating Eddie Alvarez and winning the lightweight title. In 2017, he made his professional boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather and earned $100 million, impressing many with his performance despite being stopped in the tenth round.

‘Notorious’ shared the ring with Floyd Mayweather in 2017

Even six years later, boxing legend Mike Tyson is still amazed by McGregor's achievement, considering he had never fought a professional boxing match before. On The Hotoxin podcast, Tyson praised McGregor for going ten rounds against "The Best Ever" - Mayweather, who he believes is the greatest fighter of the last 100 years in boxing.

Mike Tyson was impressed by the UFC superstar

“He went ten rounds and scored punches on the greatest fighter in the last 100 years. People just wanna see the black guy beat the white guy, but look what he had to fight against. Look what he did when he fought against it.”

Diaz, 37, has only just responded to Tyson's comments and referenced his second-round submission victory over McGregor, 34, in 2016.

Nate Diaz is anticipated to make his debut in professional boxing in 2023, as the 37-year-old fighter has been rumored to be in talks for potential matchups with boxing star Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez and YouTube personality-turned-boxer Jake Paul, following his departure from the UFC.

However, it remains uncertain whether Diaz will ever return to the MMA world to finally settle his long-standing feud with Conor McGregor, or if the two rivals will have to leave their rivalry unfinished.

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