UFC Signs 6'7" Olympian Robelis Despaigne Instantly After 4-Second KO

UFC Signs 6'7" Olympian Robelis Despaigne Instantly After 4-Second KO

Olympic bronze medalist Robelis Despaigne has navigated a remarkably swift path through his brief MMA career, culminating in a rapid entry into the UFC.

As Miles Banks still lay on the canvas following his defeat at Fury FC 84 on Sunday, UFC matchmaker Mick Maynard wasted no time. Despite the decision not yet being officially announced, Maynard reached out to promoter Eric Garcia, expressing the UFC's interest in signing the 6-foot-7 Cuban talent.

Garcia promptly shared the news with ring announcer J. Wayne Leggett, who relayed it to the Houston crowd and the UFC Fight Pass viewership.



This unconventional move by the promotion underscores the extraordinary nature of Despaigne, whose 4-0 record includes an impressive 100 percent TKO rate, with his last three fights lasting a combined total of just 19 seconds.



Despaigne boasts a decorated career as a taekwondo practitioner, securing a bronze medal in the 80kg weight class at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Additionally, he holds two bronze medals from the World Championships in 2013 and 2015.

While the details regarding his debut date and opponent for his inaugural UFC appearance are yet to be disclosed, Despaigne's impressive credentials suggest an exciting journey ahead in the MMA arena.

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