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DAOS membership (Partner Tier)

DAOS membership (Partner Tier)

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DAOS membership gives you access to a range of resources and tools to build practical survival skills. With this membership, users have access to a customized online  workshops, and a robust online community – all tailored to help them acquire knowledge and hone their skills. 

Get access to:

  • Free online seminars (Weapons, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Martial Arts Business Seminar)

  • Get your dojo/business included in our magazine’s business directory.

  • Suggest an instructor or student for the magazine, (give us a bio with pics)

  • Give us questions you would like answered within our DAOS Opinion.

  • Unlock access to every magazine pre-release.

  • 10% off all of our Merchandise for the length of the membership.

  • Get 10% off all of our private events.

  •  Free Ebooks  

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